During autumn 2020 during lockdowns I began a series of live stream perfomances. I was lucky enough to be able do some at music venues as restrictions allowed but most were solo acoustic at home. I started going through my music career pulling out songs from various eras and giving some background to what was going on in my life at the time. These were billed as 'Songs and Stories'. I was overwhelmed by the response and support from the people who connected.

During the late autumn-winter months I intend to continue them. I think it's important to still reach out to each other in these difficult times especially during the dark evenings. 

My new series of 'Songs on Stories' will take place on Monday evenings and I will post forthcoming links to them here. They will transmitted live over the Stevie Jones and The Wildfires Facebook Page.

As previously they will be free to view but any donations or purchases through our Store are welcomed and for those that do I will be sending out free downloads and merch discount codes.

If you wish to catch up on any of the previous live stream events you can scoll through them below. I will also be making them available to watch again via our You Tube Channel were possible.

Previous events

Songs and Stories #18 The Treehouse Years 1999-2002

Here I'm talking about the band/acoustic project Treehouse as the millenium came to a close playing some of the tracks as well as some live versions and cover songs from that era.

Set list: Driftwood (Travis cover) Better Than Before Taillights Fade (Buffalo Tom cover) Even When I'm Blue (Steve Earle cover) Shine (audio) Like A Hurricane (Neil Young cover) Coming Home (audio) Summer

Facebook video:

Songs and Stories #17 Solo Mid-Late 90s

In stream #17 we cover the second half of the 90s including my time in Ireland and how it made a big impact on me.

Set list: Western Sky (American Music Club cover) The Field Lucky Man (The Verve cover) Fail (audio) Babylon (David Gray cover) Prose Trying To Start Over (audio) Give It Back (live at The Blue Moon Cambridge audio)

Facebook video:

Songs and Stories #16 Solo Again Mid 90s (part 2)

More banter and songs from trying to settle back in the UK after living in Germany in the mid 90s Set list: Brighter Day Sullivan Street (Counting Crows cover) Drunkard Logic (Fat Lady Sings cover) Live Forever (Oasis cover - completely fuck it up!) Prose Hard to Understand Memorysea Million Miles audio - recorded live at the Blue Moon Cambridge

Watch here:

Songs and Stories #15 Solo Again Mid 90s (part 1)

Here I'm talking about my decision to head back to the UK after my time living in Germany to resume as a solo artist in the mid 90s, playing some of the songs I wrote around that time and chatting what influenced me creatively.

Set list: Morningless Life The Spark Into You Arms (Lemonheads cover) Runaway Train (Soul Asylum cover) Carmen (audio recorded live at The Blue Moon Cambridge 01-10-21) Five To One (Doors cover) Falling (audio recorded Foss Arts Leicester 1995/96 ish) Perfect Blue Buildings (Counting Crows cover)

Facebook video:

Songs and Stories #14 Welcome Back

Stevie Jones Songs and Stories Live Stream #14 Welcome Back Set list: Harbour Song You Shook Me All Night Long (AC/DC cover) Gone But Not Forgotten The Invisble Ones Come In From The Rain (audio live at The Blue Moon Cambridge) Summer

Facebook video:

Songs and Stories #12 Irish Songbook

Playing a bunch of covers from Irish songwriters discssing their influence on me

3:20 Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - U2 cover 11:32 And It Stoned Me - Van Morrison cover 20:40 Sing All Our Cares Away - Damien Dempsey cover 26:15 Black Is The Colour - Trad arr cover 31:10 It'll Be Easier In The Morning - Hothouse Flowers cover 37:45 Linger - The Cranberries cover 46:25 Sailortown - Energy Orchard cover 51:05 King Of Love - Energy Orchard cover 59:45 Ride On - Christy Moore cover 1:04:37 When The Evening Sun Goes Down - Van Morrison cover 1:09:05 Crazy Love - Van Morrison cover 1:17:30 When Ye Go Away - The Waterboys cover 1:23:45 Wild Rover - Trad arr cover

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Songs and Stories #11 Germany 92-93 The Acres Wild Years

Full background into my move over to Germany to work with James Sexton as the duo Acres Wild. We manage to video link up and share a few recollections of those times 1992-93 with a few songs and demos thrown in - plus archive video of a full set live perfomance both looking unrecognisably youthful!

Heartlands Don't Go (Hothouse Flowers cover) The Decision Anthem For A Dreamer End Of Fortune Street

Full set - recorded for local cable TV - Lanhnstein Summer 1993 Featuring Kristof on bass Something Good Anthem For A Dreamer The Big View Deborah (Fat Lady Sings cover) Hunters Do What You Will Brighter Day All That She Thinks About Is Money* The Decision

Facebook video: (Technical issues for the first 0:00- 6:30 - SKIP) You Tube video: (Edited - plays fine from start)

Songs and Stories #10 Your Choice

5:15 New England (Billy Bragg cover) 15:16 Summer 21:45 Give It Back (Audio) 31:30 Pretty In Pink (Psychedlic Furs cover) 38:37 Carmen 45:00 Plan B 53:05 Because The NIght (Patti Smith cover) 59:50 Instant World (Audio) 1:09:00 Free Falling (Tom Petty cover) 1:15:00 Rocking In The Free World (Neil Young cover)

Facebook video: You Tube video:

Songs and Stories #09 Going It Alone 87-91 Early Acoustic Years

Going into the background of my first years as a solo acoustic artist/songwriter with live songs and demos

13:45 Hunters - live 20:15 And The Healing Has Begun (Van Morrison Cover) - live 28:50 It Ain't me Babe (Dylan Cover) - live 43:02 St Sennen - live 1:00:52 When It All Comes Down (Icicle Works cover) - live 1:12:40 You Are The One - audio 1:18:36 Carsluith - audio 1:23:24 Pathway -audio

Facebook video: You Tube video:

Songs and Stories #08 Your Choice

Live original and cover songs from requests by fans taken by a poll - with related background stories

03:18 Weather The Storm 09:58 Don’t Stop (Fleetwood Mac) 16:17 Stratigraphic Heart 22:43 Friday I’m In Love (The Cure) 28:51 Red Kite 34:00 Waiting In Vain (Bob Marley) 40:29 Come In From The Rain 47:48 Summer of 69 (Bryan Adams) 54:00 Maggie May (Rod Stewart) 59:30 Mad World (Tears For Fears) 1:05:49 Chasing Rainbows – live audio

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Songs and Stories #07 Angels and Sirens

Background into the second Wildfires album 'Angels and Sirens' 09:28 Morningless Life - live 22:04 Neon Underground - live 31:36 Pointless Broken Record - live 40:00 48th Of A Day - live 46:10 Polly Anna And Me - live 57:03 I'll Never Fall In Love Again - live 1:01:28 Whitewash 1:10:42 1+1=3 - audio live at Rock Off Fibro Tivoli Buckley 2018 1:16:25 Start It All Again - audio album version

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Songs and Stories #06 Your Choice

Live original and cover songs from requests by fans taken by a poll - with related background stories

04:10 I'll Be Your Baby Tonight - Bob Dylan cover - live 09:40 The Harbour Song - live 17:25 Losing My Religion - REM cover - live 24:12 The Garden Path - live 32:09 Lucky Man - The Verve cover - live 38:07 Broken Doll -live 47:16 Sympathy For The Devil - Rolling Stones cover - live 53:45 Million Miles - live 1:01:35 Start It All Again - Stephen Tanner - audio 1:09:25 This Is My Church - live

Facebook video: You Tube video:

Songs and Stories #05 Voices of Sin/The Alternative Years

Going into how I joined my first band Voices of Sin with all the music and gigs we were into at the time - and how I ended up going solo

07.51 Darkness debut gig live July 84 - audio 17:30 Ambition (New Model Army cover) - live 36:35 Closewatch demo 84 - audio 53:30 - No Pastures New - live 1:01:43 Safe Territories 1:12:24 Strength demo - audio 1:25:33 Medicine Bow (Waterboys cover) - live 1:39:21 The Invisible Ones - live

Facebook video: You Tube video:

Songs and Stories #04 Stratigraphic Heart

Discussing the background and making of Wildfires debut album Stratigraphic Heart 13:28 Silver Spoon - Live 38:50 Instant World - Audio 48:40 On That Road - Live 58:30 Plan B - Audio 1:08:45 Chasing Rainbows - Audio 1:23:33 Stratigraphic Heart - Audio Live Version 1:37:13 Today - Live

Facebook video: You Tube video:

Songs and Stories #03 Ten Years Sober

Celebrating ten years sober - discussing my journey from excess to sobriety Songs: 14:50 Rebel Rebel 42:20 Roadhouse Blues 50:33 New Life 105:00 Don’t Go Weird - Audio - live at The Musician Summer Sundae warm up 2010 121:00 I Ain’t Ever Satisfied 139:25 25 Years

Facebook video: You Tube video:

Songs and Stories #02 Wildfire Sessions

Here I go into the background of how I set up my music events service Wildfire Sessions which is approaching it's 10th anniversary in 2021. Features live performances by me plus live audio of various Wildfire Sessions artists. I have added their original links too STEVIE JONES - live Come In From The Rain 08:15 STEVIE JONES - live Weather The Storm 54:15 STEVIE JONES, MARK GILL. DAN MARLOW, RAI CLEWS - audio All Along The Watchtower Medley 43:10 Video: DEM URBAN FOXES - audio Just Another Day 1:06:15 Video: KIM CHAMBERLAIN - audio Afterfall 1:20:00 Video: STEVIE JONES - live Painting By Numbers 1:28:00 JANET ROBIN WITH STEVIE JONES MARK GILL - audio View From Above 1:39:50 Video: STEVIE JONES - live Easy Now 1:47:00 KRAB - audio Only Love Can Mend A Broken Heart 1:54:00 Video:

Facebook video: You Tube video:

Come In From The Rain Full Album Live at Firebug

Full renditition of 'Come In From The Rain' with background on the writing and creating of the album Streamed and recorded live on Twitch by Nik Rose at Firebug, Leicester

Twitch video:

Songs and Stories #01 The Beginning (Getting Into Music)

THE BEGINNING Here I’m going into the background of what got me into music and the inspirations behind wanting to create and perform myself - taking it right up to the formation of my first band the post punk Voices Of Sin in 1984.. Plus performances of: This Is My Church Jean Genie You Shook Me All Night Long Teenage Kicks Praying For The Rain (audio) Do What You Will Red Kite

Facebook video: You Tube video:

Full band set live from The Musician, Leicester

Full band set live stream exclusively filmed by Music Bragg at The Musician, Leicester *video visual kicks in at 4.50

Facebook video: